Department of Accounting and Audit


  • Chair of Accounting and Audit
  • Chair of Economic Theory
  • Chair of Statistics and Economic Analyses
  • Chair “Finances”


Department of Management and Economy

  • Chair of Economic Cybernetics
  • Chair of Production Management and Agribusiness
  • Chair of Organizations Management
  • Chair of Enterprises Economy


Agronomy department

  • Chair of Genetics, Plant Breeding and Seed Growing
  • Chair of Fruit and Vegetable Growing and Storage
  • Chair of Plant Growing
  • Chair of Mechanization and Electrification of Agricultural Production


Plant Protection department

  • Chair of Botany and Plant Physiology
  • Chair of Zoology and Entomology
  • Chair of Animal Breeding
  • Chair of Phytopathology

Agrochemistry and Soil Science department


  • Chair of Agrochemistry
  • Chair of Soil Science
  • Chair of General Chemistry
  • Chair of Agriculture named after O.M. Mozhejko
  • Chair of Ecology and Biotechnology


Department of Land Organization Engineers

  • Chair of Settlement Planning
  • Chair of Geodesy and Cartography
  • Chair of Land Resources and Cadastre Management
  • Chair of Land Organization Projecting
  • Chair of Higher Mathematics
  • Chair of Physics and Agrometeorology


Department of Forest Farming

  • Chair of Forest Management and Forest Exploitation
  • Chair of Forestry
  • Chair of Forest Plants and Melioration
  • Chairs of Humanitarian Trend
  • Chair of Ukrainian and Russian language
  • Chair of Foreign Languages
  • Chair of Historical and Social and Political disciplines
  • Chair of Philosophy
  • Chair of Physical Training

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