History: The Faculty was founded in 1816 and is the oldest among the agronomic faculties of Ukraine.

 Structure: The faculty consist from four departments: Plant Science; Genetics, Breeding and Seed Production; Horticulture and Storage; Agricultural Chemistry; Soil Science; General chemistry; Husbandry (Arable Farming).

There are 11 Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 61 Candidates of Science (PhD) and Associate Professors (Docents).

 Education: The faculty conduct training in the following specialties: "Agronomy" and "Agricultural engineering" – Bachelor; "Agronomy" and "Horticulture and viticulture" – Master.

 Science: The main research fields are:

  • Management phyto production process in modern technologies of growing crops
  • Protection and increase soil fertility of Ukraine
  • Developing of landscape-adaptive farming systems foundations of left-bank forest-steppe and northern steppe of Ukraine
  • Improvement of agro-ecological processes by agro-production mechanisation methods
  • Design elements production technologies and storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Formation of high performance grain crops, legumes, technical, bioenergy crops, fodder and medicinal plants
  • Developing the scientific and methodological basis of selection of new high-yield varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops in the eastern part of the left-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine




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