History: The Faculty was founded in 1944. It was the first land surveying faculty in Ukraine.


  Structure: The faculty consist from four departments: Geodesy, Cartography and Geoinformatics; Land Management and Cadastre; Land-Use Planning; Settlements Planning and Construction.

There are two Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 18 Candidates of Science (PhD) and Associate Professors (Docents).


  Education: The faculty conduct training in the following specialties: "Geodesy and Land-Use Planning" and "Architecture and Urban Planning" – Bachelor; "Geodesy and Land-Use Planning" and "Evaluation of Land and Real Property" – Master.


  Science: The main research fields are:

  • Research of scientific and methodical bases of geodetic and cartographic support of forecasting, planning and designing of the organisation of use and protection of land at carrying out of land-use planning and cadastral works
  • Economical, ecological and technical foundations for the organisation of rural areas with the creation of spatial conditions that ensure the ecological and economical optimisation of the rational land use and land protection
  • Economic and legal framework for land management based on land-use planning, cadastral and land consolidation mechanisms


  Internationalisation: The Land Surveying Faculty has experience as a sending, intermediary and hosting organisation within the framework of the different European projects such as Tempus (“Development of New Land Governance Studies in Macedonia and Ukraine”, 159184-2009-TEMPUS-SE-JPCR) and FAO (“Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine in Agricultural Support Policy, Exports of Horticultural Products and Land Consolidation”, TCP/UKR/3601)).

Nowadays, the faculty take participation in the international project “Interuniversity cooperation as a tool for enhancement of quality of selected universities in Ukraine” (2019-2021) which is supported by the Czech Development Agency in cooperation with the Czech University of Life Sciences (Prague).



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