History: The Faculty was founded in 1932. It was the first plant protection faculty in Ukraine


Structure: The faculty consist from four departments: Zoology and Entomology; Phytopathology; Botany and Plant Physiology; Ecology and Biotechnology.

There are two Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 30 Candidates of Science (PhD) and Associate Professors (Docents).


Education: The faculty conduct training in the following specialties: "Plant protection and quarantine", "Biotechnology and bioengineering" and "Biology" – Bachelor; "Plant Protection and quarantine" and "Ecology" – Master.

Science: The main research fields are:

  • Mechanisms of induction of stress-protective system components in plants
  • Comparative ecological approach in the study of population dynamics
  • Problems of plant immunity to harmful organisms and the development of modern ecologically oriented systems of crop protection
  • Problems of pest population dynamics
  • Foliar plant nutrition
  • Environmentally oriented system of protection of fruit plantations from pests
  • The problem of long-term prediction of mass reproduction of harmful insects



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