Address and location:

62483, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv district, p/o «Comunist – 1», Campus KhNAU, building 3, floor 1, office 111

Responsible secretary of the entrance examination committee:

Gorokh Oleksander Volodymyrovych


Deputy responsible secretary:



Malyutina Nataliya Ivanivna



How to get to the University: in Kharkiv you should go by underground to the final stop “Proletarskaya”, then you should take a bus number 200 to the final stop or a fixed route taxi number 186 to the stop “Agrarian University”.

Tel: (0572) 99-74-01

  The entrance examination committee works: 

On Mondays – Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., lunch break from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

On Saturdays we work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 Kharkiv national agrarian university named after V.V. Dokuchayev announces students’ enrolment for 2012-2013 academic year (full-time education)

On the following training directions:

6.090101 Agronomy, specialities “Agronomy” (with specializations “Seed Science” and “Technology of Storing and Processing of Plant Growing Production”); “Fruit and Vegetable Growing and Viticulture”; “Selection and Genetics of Agricultural Crops”; “Agrochemistry and Soil Science” (with specializations “Land Conservation”, “Agrochemical Service”, “Agrarian Ecology”)

6.090105 Plant Protection, specialities “Plant Protection” (with specializations “Forest pathology”, “Phytosanitary monitoring”)

6.030601 Management, speciality “Management of Organizations”

6.030504 Economy of Enterprises, speciality “Economy of Enterprises”

6.030509 Accounting and Audit, speciality “Accounting and Audit” (with specialization “Accounting and Audit in Forest Economy”)

6.030508 Finances and Credit, speciality “Finances”

6.080101 Geodesy, Cartography and System of Land Tenure, speciality “System of Land Tenure and Cadastre”

6.090103 Forest and Garden and Park Economy, speciality “Forest Economy”

6.040106 Ecology, Protection of the Environment and Balanced Management of Nature

       Citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens as well as persons without citizenship who have full general secondary education, who have passed successfully external independent evaluation of educational quality as well as those who have won the competition are accepted to the first year of studies.

       University entrants apply a written request to the rector of the university as well as attach the following documents:

  certificates of external independent evaluation of educational quality (originals or copies which are certified in the prescribed order);

document about general secondary education (originals or copies which are certified in the prescribed order);

medical certificate (form №086-y); 6 photos, size 3?4cm;

identification code (copy);

passport and military ticket (certificate about registration in recruiting station) are given personally.

       University entrants are enrolled on the ground of the results of external independent evaluation of educational quality (not less than 124 points, profile second subject – not less than 140 points) on the following disciplines on the appropriate training directions:



Certificate UCEQA

Agronomy, Plant Protection


1. Ukrainian Language and Literature

2. Biology

3. Chemistry  or  mathematics

Foresty, Garden and Park Economy


1. Ukrainian Language and Literature

2. Mathematics

3. Biology or foreign language

Ecology, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Use of Naturale Resources


1. Ukrainian Language and Literature

2. Mathematics

3. Chemistry or geography

Geodesy, Cartography and Land Managment 

1. Ukrainian Language and Literature

2. Geography

3. History of Ukraine or mathematics

Accounting and Audit, Finance and Credit, Business enterprises


1. Ukrainian Language and Literature

2. Mathematics

3. History of Ukraine or geography



1. Ukrainian Language and Literature

2. Mathematics

3. Geography or foreign language

There are groups where students may study paying course fees by contracts. 

University entrants and students are provide with hostels on the territory of university campus. There is a possibility to receive a rank of a reserve officer.

All the documents are accepted from July 2 to July 31 2012


Dear university entrants!

        Ukraine has always been known for its fertile lands and rich yields. Agrarian sector plays a rather important part in the economy of society nowadays. Normal functioning of all the country economy and people’s well-being depend upon its development. Qualified specialists, who work in agriculture, provide the development of agrarian sector.

KhNAU named after V.V. Dokuchayev is a famous higher educational establishments training specialists in agriculture. All the University departments harmoniously complement each other in training specialists who provide a valuable work of the whole agrarian sector. How does the creation of any production begin? It begins with the planning of necessity of its production for the country as well as with the comparison of expenses and future benefits. The graduates of the Department of Management and Economy of Enterprises – managers and economists – can easily solve these tasks. The graduates of the Department of Accounting and Finances – financiers and accountants of agriculture – can ground their colleagues’ conclusions with the help of numerical material. Specialists of Land Organization will help to plan and estimate the plot. Graduates of Agronomical Department will work out and implement the most incredible ideas: selectionists will be able to breed a new hybrid while agronomists will take care of a plant and protect it starting from the first leaves to the rich yield with the help of the colleagues from the Plant Protection Department and Agrochemistry Soil Science Department. At the Forestry Department the future specialists are taught how to protect and rationally use our great wealth – wonderful forests.

All conditions for productive studying, comfortable living and students’ recreation – cultural and sports – have been created at the University. It has been made thanks to the compact location of educational buildings and hostels. The most famous place of the University is the dendrological garden. There is a possibility to receive a rank of a reserve officer.

Ukrainian land has always been our wealth so let us together learn how to use and protect it. And you should remember that the future of our country is for agrarian sector and for specialists of our university.

Dear university entrants, we are waiting for you at our university.



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