Address and location:

Ukraine, Кharkiv region, Кharkiv district,
p/o „Сommunist-1”, campus KhNAU,
building-1, floor-1, room: 203,
tel :(0572)99-77-77


Candidate of Agricultural Sciences,
assistant professor of the Plant Growing chair
Popov Andrey Sergiyovych



Foreign Citizens Training Centre invites young men and women to study at the preparatory department for foreign citizens in Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchayev.
The students are taught in the Russian and Ukrainian languages.
The lecturers of the Russian and Ukrainian languages department once have been working at in the countries of Africa, Asia and Europe and have a great working experience with foreign students and are responsible for the students of this department.
The graduates, if they wish, can continue their studies at Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchayev at all the departments in all directions and specialties.
At present, the students from Vietnam, Guinea, Jordan, Cameroon, Kenya, China, Morocco, Syria are being trained at the preparatory department, the university faculties and the post graduate course.
The university experimental training farm “Skripai”, scientific and research and practical centre “Experimental field”, dendrological park give the students opportunity to perform their practical skills and carry out their scientific and research activities. All the students of the preparatory department are provided with the hostel. The student of the preparatory department have the opportunity to go in for different kinds of sport during all the period of studies.

 Foreign students leisure time is very interesting and busy. The university holds different thematic lessons dedicated to the Ukrainian and Russian traditions ,excursions round Kharkiv and other cities in Ukraine. The students of the preparatory department with pleasure take part in amateur performance competitions and concerts.

Training centre provides students training on the following directions:

Engineering and technical

Medical and biological

Foreigners’ acceptance on the education and qualification level Bachelor, Specialist and Master are realized on all licenced directions and specialities in the University.


Document acceptance from foreigners on:

The preparatory department(training centre) are from August,15 to November,15

Education Qualification level Bachelor, Specialist and Master are from May,1 to October,15

Professional entrance test holding and enrollment to the education:

To the preparatory department (training centre) are carried out on the results of interview.

 On the Education Qualification level Bachelor are carried out on the result of interview on:
Mathematics – for training directions 6.030504 Economy of Enterprises; 6.030508 Finance and Credit; 6.030509 Accounting and Audit; 6.030601 Management; 6.090103 Forest and Park farming; 6.080101 Geodesy, Cartography and System of land Tenure.
Biology or Chemistry – for training directions: 6.090101 Agronomy; 6.040106 Ecology, Protection of the Environment and Balanced Management of Nature

 On the Education Qualification level Master – on the results of entrance examinations in: English, special subject (depending upon speciality).

As per the agreement, foreign students enrollment are carried out according to the entrance professional test passing after receiving payment for education.


Cost for education per year:

 preparatory department (training centre) – 1000 dollars USA per year at NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) rate

main department – 1500 dollars USA per year at NBU rate

training – 2500 dollars USA per year at NBU rate

 post graduate course – 2500 dollars USA per year at NBU rate 

Hostel inhabitation – 32 dollars USA per month at NBU rate

Foreign citizen for enrollment to the study at the University should provide such documents:

 standard form;

 copy of the document about education and marks (grades) received on the subjects;

 document about absence of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) if other is not provided by international agreements of Ukraine;

 medical certificate about health condition, certified by the official body of health service of the country the foreigner came from, and given not later than 2 month before departure to the education into Ukraine;

 insurance polis about rendering emergency medical help (except foreigners who came from countries with which the agreement about free rendering of emergency medical help was concluded);

 copy of the document about birth;

 10 photos of 6*
4 cm

 return ticket with open date for a term up to one year.  

All the documents should be translated into Russian or Ukrainian. 




 Information session project Tempus "The development of education in the management of land resources in Macedonia and Ukraine"

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