History of V.V. Dokuchayev KhNAU

 KNAU named after V.V. Dokuchayev, one of the oldest higher educational establishments of agrarian branche in Ukraine was founded in 1816 by the decree of the emperor Alexander I.
    Nowadays KNAU named after V.V. Dokuchayev is a higher educational establishment of the IV accreditation level.
     The University includes 3 educational-scientific institutes: Agrobiology, Agribusiness, Land Resources and Forests; the Institute of Refreshment Education; 7 departments; 34 chairs; a fundamental library with the collection of more than 600 thousand issues of scientific and educational literature; a foreign students dean’s office; an educational-scientific-training centre “Research field”; Skrypaji educational-research forest farm; a scientific and research institute of Phitosanitarian Monitoring, etc. Postgraduate and doctor courses, a specialized scientific counsel, students self-government are being functioning.
     The university trains highly educated specialists-agrarians: bachelors in 9 directions of training, masters in 11 specialities. The general average number of students per year surpasses 6 thousand persons. More than 50 thousand specialists-agrarians, including more than 1500 masters and doctors of Philosophy have been prepared for 77 countries of the world during the years of its existence. The University lecturers have trained national personnel in 13 countries.
    The educational process is provided by 400 scientific and pedagogical workers, including 12 academicians, about 200 candidates of science, assistant professors.
    About 10 scientific and scientific and pedagogical schools have been formed in the University. Scientific research is conducted in the following directions: zone resource-saving soil protective systems of farming; ecological technologies of plant growing production, fertility reproduction and soil protection technologies; crops genetics, plant breeding and seed growing, plan protection; organization-and-economic mechanism of farming, land relations perfection in the country; problems of educational process improving.
    The University cooperates with scientific and educational enterprises of far away and nearby countries. The University students have their production practice on agricultural farms of the USA, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland and others. Since 1997 the University has been the member of the International University Association (UNESKO, Paris).
    The Agrarian University is a campus situated in the suburbs of Kharkiv. There are seven educational buildings and six hostels with rooms for 2-3 students, a dendrological park with more than 700 kinds of trees, bushes and flowers on the campus territory. Gymnasiums, a stadium, an assembly hall for 900 seats, the center of the first medical-sanitarian aid, a canteen, a cafe are at the students’ disposal. Students and sport clubs, 18 sport sections, the team of “Witty and Smart Club”, chorus, vocal, dramatic and dance societies are being functioning.

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