• General information:

    Sport at the University is carried out with combined efforts of the university administration, union committee sports club, the teachers of the physical training chair, the sector of sports and mass work of students self-government. The stadium, open sportgrounds for playing kinds of sports, a playing hall in the educational building №3, the hall of weight lifting are at the disposal of the students. The halls in the crossings of the 1-st, and 2-nd hostels are used for ping-pong, of the 3-rd and forth – for fitness, the fifth – a gym. The following sports sections function at the University under the guidance of trainers:

  1. The following sports sections function at the University under the guidance of trainers:
  2. Armsport;
  3. Basketball (women)
  4. Basketball (men)
  5. Volleyball(women)
  6. Volleyball(men)
  7. Weight sport
  8. Weight lifting
  9. Power lifting
  10. Aerobics
  11. Football
  12. Ping-pong
  13. Track and field athletics
  14. Rugby
  15. Chess
  16. Draughts
  17. Athletic gymnastics
  18. Skiing
  19. Tourism

    Annually in September and October competitions in accessible kinds of sport among the first-year students take place, in which yearly over 500 persons take part.
    From November according to the particular calendar plan the competitions of national faculty teams in 18 kinds of programs in different kinds of sport are held.
    National students and university co-works teams annually take part in international competitions, in students games, Ukrainian championships, Kharkiv Region and District championship, sport and athletics meetings of the agrarian Policy Ministry, Higher Educational Establishments of the region university and departments.
    Annually camping trips to the Cremea and to the picturesque places of Kharkiv Region are organized and held. About 23% of the total amount of day-time students are involved in sectional work. More than 60% of the students take part in sports contests and competitions.

A veteran of the Great Patriotic War of the University with the students –sportsmen -the participants of the tournament in weight sport devoted to the Victory Day.



Triple champion of the World, reiterated Champion of Ukraine in weight lifting


Competition in weght lifting among the teams of departments within the bounds of the annual students’ sports contest. In the foreground – the champion of Ukraine in weight lifting, Master of Sports Urij Duha.



National University Team in fitness in time of the performance at the sports contest of the higher educations in Kharkiv Region


Competition in volleyball among the lecturers and coworkers of the University within the sports contest “Zdorovje”




The climbing to the highest summit of Ukraine – Hoverla during winter tourist hike to the Carpathians

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