The Address and Location: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv district, p/o “Communist-1”, Student’s campus KhNAU, hosrel №2, the ground floor
The Head of the Center: Higher category therapeutist
Olexandra Dmytrivna Verbytska
тел: (0572) 99-74-02

    The First Medical Aid Center (FMAC of KhNAU) is a structural unit of regional students’ hospital in Kharkiv. It gives medical treatment to the students of KhNAU named after V.V. Dokuchayev. Dental and gynecological rooms are equipped. The therapeutists, dentists and gynecologists always receive patients in the Center. There are also rooms of narrow specialists (oculist, otolaryngologist) in the Center. There is a manipulator room, where prophylactic planned inoculations and vaccinations are given.

Kinds of Medical Aids that are given by KhNAU FMAC

  1. Emergency
  2. Medical Aid:Diagnostic (laboratory investigation, electrocardiography)
    • therapeutic (daily);
    • gynecological (twice a week);
    • dendal (twice a week)
  3. Preventive maintenance




  • History

    Medical treatment of KhNAU students since 1975 has been give thanks to the health protection center where only one therapeust and one nurse worked. Eventually the health protection center of the former KhNAU joined the 20-th students’ hospital (now regional students’ Hospital). In the late 70-s – early 80-s in the center of health protection worked two therapeusts, a visiting nurse and two nurses and also a dentist. In 2001 on the base of Kharkiv Region Higher Educational Establishments a Programme of Events was worked out. As a base of the programme were proposition as to medical care Improvent for the students, educational programmes, healthy way of living agendas, alcoholism and tobacco precautions, chemical dependence, material and technical base for the first medical aid improvement. A practical implementation of this important strategical decision is opening of the First Medical Aid Center on the 25-th of March, 2002 in Dokuchayev KhNAU.
    The administration of KhNaU gave additional premises, modern renovation, new dentalequipment, medical furniture, apparatuses and instruments. The staff list was also changed: except of two therapeusts and a dentist, a gynaecologist with an obstetrician and a medical assistant give a medical check-up.

  • The Main Task and Results

The main task of KhNAU FMAC:

  • to improve the quality of therapeutic, emergency, dental, gynecological and diagnostic aid to KhNAU students;
  • to improver practical skills as to giving aid of conterminal specialities;
  • to carry out educational programmes as to the students’ health responsibility;
  • to improve the role of a nurse in giving medical aid.

    The most important sphere of KhNAU FMAC activity is preventive maintenance. The Center does a great amount of work: preventive check-ups that are carried out to reveal diseases at the early stage, photofluorography for tuberculosis preventive maintenance; to give inoculations for diphtheria, tetanus, measles, german measles, etc.


American collegue present a TV-set and a video-recorder for educational programmes with the students to the center.

    Medical and educational work is mostly devoted to healthy way of living agenda. Especial careful attention is given to the first-year students. Annually in the beginning of an academic year 4 hour lectures with a therapeust, a gynecologist and a psychologist are given as well as popular and thematic films are shown. Students acquaintance with the structure history and health protection organization in the regional students’ hospital is conducted, the information as to bad habits and their control, the basis of sexual culture is given to the students.

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