Vice-rector in scientific work Doctor of Economic sciences, professor
Oliynyk Olexandr Vasylyovych
tel.: (0572) 99-76-28
Head of the scientific and research department

Candidate of Agricultural sciences senior lecturer
Romanov Oleksij Vasylyovych

tel: (0572) 99-72-80

Address and place of location: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv district,p/o “Communist-1”, Campus KhNAU,
building 1, floor 2, room 301 tel.: (0572) 99-76-28


   The University scientific researches are aimed at the development of innovative technologies in agriculture; creation of methodological approaches in solving economic problems of agricultural production under the stable development and under conditions of the financial crisis; elaboration of new efficient technologies and equipment for solving resource – and energy saving problems when producing agricultural products as well as environmental protection.
    One of the most important tasks of the University scientific department work is the elaboration of the academic and higher education integration mechanism, the creation of joint scientific and technical programs of NAAS and Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine.
    Seven scientific and experimental, scientific and production and scientific and educational laboratories work at the University. About 400 scientific and pedagogical workers, among them 5 academicians and member-correspondents of NAAS, more than 30 doctors of sciences and professors, about 200 candidates of sciences, assistant professors take part in carrying out scientific problems.

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