The historu of university’s museum

Address and location: Ukraine, Kharkiv Oblast’

Kharkiv Region, p/o "Communist-1"

KhNAU Student’ Campus

Assembly hall building, the groundfloor 

Thedirectorof the museumtel.: (0572)99-76-44 

   The museum of the Agrarian University history was opened on the 10th of December 1999. Today it is one of the main structural units in the organization of educational work and form of patriotism among students. The activity of KhNAU historical museum is directed by scientific and methodological council which consists of 21 persons – the representatives of all the subdivisions of the Agricultural University.

The work of the museum is done on a voluntary basis.

         The main museum funds make up 1,300 units of storage; auxiliary funds – 3.5 thousands.

    Excursions to the museum of KHNAU named after V. V. Dokuchayev became an integral part of conducting at the University of such festive events as: Knowledge Day - the ceremony of initiation into the first-year students; Agricultural University Foundation Day, Victory Day.
    The first-year students during excursions to the museum, which for the first semester make up 40-50, have advanced study of the history of alma mater. The question as to the history of the University and V.V. Dokuchyev’s biography is added to the examination card of the course of the history of Ukraine and culture study. Partially the excursions are made by students-guides who are chosen among the best first year students. During the study at the university, they are guides on a voluntary basis.

    During the parliamentary and presidential elections in Ukraine the museum has started with advanced study of the Law on Elections and Political palette of Ukrainian state, the analysis of the public opinion polls and election results.

    An exhibition of posters was held by the anniversary of Holodomor of 1932-1933 on the basis of the Museum and KhNAU Library. Discussions were conducted in academic groups, round table meetings were held in all the hostels, the participants of which met with veterans – the witnesses of Holodomor.

    Research students’ conference was held as a part of the Year of Ukraine in Russia and the Year of Russia in Ukraine, for the 350th anniversary of Pereyaslav Council and 350th anniversary of Kharkiv founding.    The museum is operated by a group of students "Dokuchayevets" which consists of 10-15 people leading an active search for the work associated with unknown pages of history of the university, biographies of scientists, information about lecturers, staff and students – participants of military operations during World War II, etc.
    In a short period of existence the museum received a lot of guests. It was visited by agrarian scientists of Russia, Hungary, China, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Canada and Japan. The exposition of the museum was investigated by the participants of the international conference of scientists, economists, soil scientists, specialists of land management institutions in Ukraine, scholars of plant protection systems; heads of State Forestry Committee; members of many conferences of young scientists of APC of Ukraine, students’ competitions; excellent students of agricultural universities in Ukraine; participants of VI gatherings of nominal grant holders and overachieving students " APC Leaders of the XXI Century" and other activities conducted at the University by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

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