University leadership



Puzik Volodymyr Kuzmych

Corresponding Member of NAAS of Ukraine,

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

Head of the Ecology and Biotechnology Chair

Telephones: (057) 709-03-00; (0572) 99-72-10

First Vice Rector

Degtyarov Vassyl Volodymyrovych

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor,

Corresponding Member of International Academy of Sciences

of Environmental Safety,

Head of the Soil Science Chair

Telephones: (0572) 99-73-50

Vice-Rector on scientific work

Petrov Vadym Mykolayovych 

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Docent of the Production Management

and Agrarian Business Chair

Telephone: (0572) 99-76-28

Vice-Rector on scientific and pedagogical work

Pasemko Galyna Pavlivna

PhD in Public Administration, Professor, Head of the Economic Theory Chair

Telephone: (0572) 99-71-90

Vice-Rector on Administrative Work

MAlyugov Victor Anatoliyovych

Telephone: (0572)709-02-94


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