• General information:
Address and location: Ukrane, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv district, p/o “Communist-1”, campus of KhNAU, building 1 floor 3 room 322 Tel: +38-0572-99-72-40
The chairman of local trade union committee Bondarev Anatolij Volodymyrovych

    Primary trade union organization of Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchayev is one of the oldest Ukrainian trade union
organization. It was founded in 1917.

  • Trade union centre:

    Trade union activity
     According to p.1.5 of “Trade union workers organization of agroindustrial complex of Ukraine” regulations, the trade union performs representation and defence of labour, social and economic rights and interests of trade union members at the institutions of state authority, local self-government, in the relationship with the employers, their organizations and formations, with other civil organizations on the grounds of partnership. The organization acts on the principles of equal rights, dialogue, seeking compromise and in case of necessity it acts as a constructive opposition in order to achieve the goals which satisfy the needs of the trade union members.

The legal document which regulates labour and socio-economic relationship between the administration in the person of the rector and the working staff of the university in the person of the trade union which has the authority to speak for the university wok collective body conference on the grounds of mutual interests agreement is the Collective contract.
    7 comissions have been created and work withing the trade union. They are:

  • mass organizational;
  • educational organizational;
  • mass cultural;
  • mass sporting;
  • a commission which works with women and children;
  • a commission aimed at bringing into a healthy state and rest organizing;

    Social defence at Kharkiv NAU named after V.V. Dokuchayev     The main task of the trade union is the defence of economic, social and labour rights and interests of teachers, employees and students, thus paying special attention to privileged and of scanty means categories. Together with the rector, the amalgamated union of students self-government and the Union of Youth and students such forms of work among the privileged category have been conducting for many years:

  • first and foremost rendering material assistance from the fund of the university administration and trade union budget for different needs (annually on the eve of the International students Day all students-orphans, invalids, people from Chornobyl, veteran’s children receive material assistance from the trade union budget);
  • first and foremost giving to privileged contingents and their families members privileged vouchers to sanatoria and children’s camps (10,30% from their costs);
  • first and foremost providing the privileged employees with agricultural production and other food products at preferential prices;
  • annual providing of orphan students, invalids, people from Chornobyl, veterans’ children, married students with children with New Year presents at the cost of the trade union budget.

    If necessary, each member of the trade union has an opportunity to address the trade union committee with the application to give him material assistance on different needs in connection with poor material state.
    The questions of spa treatment and recreation of employers and students are the concern of the commission of social insurance. The members of this commission are presented by the representatives of the trade union organization. The head of the commission is the chairman of the University trade Union

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