Shevchenko S.V. Global problems of world civilization development at modern stage

S.V. Shevchenko,

Ph. D. in Economics

Kharkiv national agrarian university named after V.V. Dokuchayev



Statement of a problem. For modern civilization in new XXI century it is characteristic increasing of the role and importance of world policy and international relations, intercommunication and range of processes in economic, political, social and cultural life of the planet. All these factors are evidence of objective preconditions existence for appearance of such problems that have a global character in modern society. They concern vital interests of every person in our planet and the interests of the whole mankind. In its turn, the appearance and aggravation of such problems favor the internationalization of many public processes.

Formulating of the article’s aims. The aim of the article is to clear up the essence and origins of global problems of world civilization development at modern stage, their characteristic features and approaches as for their classification.

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Шевченко С.В. Глобальные проблемы современного этапа развития мировой цивилизации. Выяснено сущность и истоки глобальныхпроблем современного этапа развития мировой цивилизации, их характерныепризнаки и подходы к классификации.

Shevchenko S. Global problems of world civilization development at modern stage. The essence and origins of global problems of world civilizationdevelopment at modern stage are cleared up in the article. Their characteristic signsand approaches to classification are given.


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